Pentecost שבועות Shavuot

The Hebrew word, Shavuot, means “weeks”, as this next Appointed Time is seven full weeks counted from Unleavened Bread. For this reason, the day is also known as the “Feast of Weeks”. Pentecost is a Greek word meaning “fiftieth” because the day is the “morrow” after the seventh Sabbath counted, making it the fiftieth, and final, day of the Omer count.

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Counting the Omer

The counting of the Omer is a little known aspect of the Moedim amongst Christians. The Omer was the quantity of barley grain used during the ceremony on the Day of Firstfruits. That Day of Firstfruits (a Sunday) was day one of the count to Shavuot (the next of the Moedim).

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