Follow the Leader

Lessons From the Flock – #5

If you were walking across our paddocks, you would discover bare trails that wind through the pastures. These are created as the sheep walk along – following one another and wearing away the tracks. We will often see a small group of sheep walking along the trails they’ve created, and sometimes over 100 walking in a long line – one after the other.

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The Cast Sheep

Lessons From the Flock – #3

When I’m checking around our sheep, I sometimes find one of them upside down, legs in the air, and unable to get itself back up onto its feet. This is what we call a “cast sheep”, and basically means that the sheep is immobilised. 

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The Open Gate

Lessons From the Flock – #1

Recently, I discovered a weaned lamb that had managed to escape from its paddock. It hadn’t gone very far though, staying close to the fence where all the rest of the lambs were still happily grazing together. I drove to the gate and opened it up to allow the lamb to rejoin the others and to give it access to the pasture and water it needed. I then proceeded to chase the lamb along the fence so that it could go back through the open gateway.

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