Isaiah 33:22

“YHWH is our judge, YHWH is our lawgiver,
YHWH is our king – He will save us.”

Think about this: YHWH is our judge. All of us will one day be judged by Him – there’s simply no way around this. What is He going to judge us against? Well, He’s also the lawgiver, so we are judged according to His law, or His instructions – His Torah.

YHWH also rules over us as our king. A good king (which He is) cares for his people. He wants the best for his people. Our king, though, must also judge sin (lawlessness), and so it seems there’s a dilemma. That is, until we read the last part of the verse.

He will save us!

The curse and judgment of the law can be taken away from us through the sacrifice of the Messiah. So, our king judges us against his law, and we will all be found guilty – unless … we accept the free gift of salvation through Yeshua (which means “salvation”)!

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