Psalm 112:1

“Hallelujah. Blessed is the man that fears YHWH, that delights greatly in His commandments.”

The fear of YHWH is a strong theme in Scripture. It is the beginning of wisdom, and without it we are never going to truly put our trust in Him. It is something that should always be at the forefront of our minds – for every thought, every decision and every action should come from a healthy fear of our great GOD! Remember, it’s not a fear of terror, but one that leads to true blessing and happiness!

Secondly, notice that the man who is truly blessed delights greatly in His commandments. This is not talking about someone who simply obeys His commandments. It is someone who obeys from the heart and out of a love for the One who commands. I wonder: is this speaking of us (those who claim to be His)? Do I delight greatly in following and living in obedience to YHWH my Creator? Yeshua certainly did! He delighted in following his Father in all that He did and said. He came “to do always those things that please Him [The Father].” (John 8:29)

I’ve got to add that if Yeshua came to end many of the Father’s commandments (as many believe), then this verse becomes a joke. With the common christian understanding, many of the commandments would not be delighted in at all – in fact, some would even consider obedience to them to now be sinful!

Let’s set our eyes on YHWH, and let’s delight greatly in His eternal commandments!

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