“Our Help is Found Only in Him”

Based on Hosea 13 & 14

O Israel, you have destroyed yourself,
You have crafted and built your gods!
Therefore, like chaff, you shall blow away,
And vanish like the morning fog.

Great destruction comes to us as well,
When we fail to walk on God’s path.
His vengeance and His wrath are fearful;
He’ll strike us and tear us apart!

God’s like a bear that has lost her cubs;
His wrath you cannot escape from!
He will tear and devour His prey –
Just like a leopard or a lion.

But look – a Saviour – God Himself!
Our help is found only in Him.
Forsake those gods and tear them all down;
We’ve been brought here by our own sin.

We turn to you LORD, and beg You now –
Take away our iniquity.
Please receive us by Your holy grace,
And our lips we’ll use to praise Thee.

Your ways are always right, O LORD God;
We need wisdom to understand.
The rebels will stumble in Your ways,
But to walk in them – the just can.

I give thanks and praise that You’re my King:
You’re my Saviour and my great help.
There’s nothing that I could ever do,
To remove my sin and my guilt.

It is You, LORD – and just You alone,
Who has loved and justified me.
Your wrath, now gone from me all my days;
Christ did remove on Calvary!

Originally written in November, 2009.

2 thoughts on ““Our Help is Found Only in Him”

  1. Sonia Reply

    A good reminder that it is in Yeshua alone we put our trust and hope. He and only he can save us. How glad I am that I follow him, though the road may be hard sometimes he is an every present help. Well written!

  2. Bruce Burger Reply

    My thoughts exactly Sonia (and Marcus). When we surrender our life to him, no trial or pain can negate the joy of our salvation, praise the Lord always and in everything!

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