“YHWH is my refuge”

[Inspired by Nahum 1:7 & Jeremiah 16:19]

The battlements above us,

The cobblestones below;

The mighty walls – built to last,

With paths built long ago.

The standard flies above us,

Giving us needed cheer;

We serve a King who’s righteous,

And we need no sword or spear.

It’s getting dark,

The clouds are growing;

Animals stir,

Something is brewing.

Footsteps of soldiers are near,

Hatred of Yahweh grows;

The weapons they hold are clear,

Their intent – the people know.

All rest safe inside the walls,

The stronghold is secure;

Standing within golden halls,

They’re certain they’ll endure.

The times are now –

The nations restless;

Baying for blood,

They are relentless.

Yahweh, my strength, my fortress,

My refuge ever true;

When trouble comes, I must trust,

Peace is only in You.

He’s the rock of His people,

The strength of the upright;

The wind beneath the eagle,

In darkness – the only light.

The verdict’s in:

Must trust only Him,

The Mighty Rock;

There is none but Him!

Maaziah is the Hebrew name I have chosen for myself.

It reflects on YHWH’s strength and desire to protect His chosen people.

He alone is our unshakable Rock and our ultimate Refuge until the end.

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