Lot’s Passover

I believe that YHWH’s moedim (appointed times) began with time itself. Perhaps the specific dates were unknown to the people of ancient times, but YHWH always knew them and has more than possibly worked in sync with these special times. Jewish tradition states, for example, that Adam and Eve were created on [what we know as] Yom Teruah. Personally, I wonder if their banishment from the garden occurred on Yom Kippur?

Later on in Genesis, we see some dramatic events in the life of Lot that correlate with the appointed time of Passover. Whether you believe the events took place on the actual moed of Passover or not, I think there’s some lessons to be gleaned from the links we find.

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The Open Gate

Lessons From the Flock – #1

Recently, I discovered a weaned lamb that had managed to escape from its paddock. It hadn’t gone very far though, staying close to the fence where all the rest of the lambs were still happily grazing together. I drove to the gate and opened it up to allow the lamb to rejoin the others and to give it access to the pasture and water it needed. I then proceeded to chase the lamb along the fence so that it could go back through the open gateway.

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Self Isolation

Do you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms? A cough, a fever or shortness of breath? Are you being told that you need to self isolate? Perhaps you’re feeling fine and you’re happy just to continue life as usual. But it may be a good time to reconsider! I think there’s something our Messiah can teach us about this.

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